Our Services

Swedish Massage

This massage is for those who want to relax and forget about the outside world.  Using rhythmic massage strokes at your desired pressure, this massage allows you to melt into your therapists hands.


PreNatal Massage

Growing a baby is hard work.  In addition, the female body changes during pregnancy, which causes aches and pains.

 In a Pre-Natal massage, the pregnant woman is comfortably position and the massage therapist works to help relieve the soreness due to the woman's changing body. The massage does not touch the woman's belly or affect the baby whatsoever.

Note: While expectant mothers of any term are welcome, any pregnant women experiencing symptoms of hypertension or are prone to blot clots are discouraged from receiving massage.



Reflexology is a type of energy work in which certain areas of the foot correspond to certain areas of the body.  It is thought by massaging the corresponding areas of the feet, healing energy is sent to that other part of the body. 

Note: Reflexology cannot be combined with PreNatal massage until pregnancy has progressed to 36 weeks (8 months).

On-Site Chair Massage

Treat your employees or friends to chair massage!

Chair massage is a wonderful treat to boost morale and show appreciation.  Who doesn't love a massage?

On-location chair massage requires a 2 hour minimum and must be arranged by calling the office. 

Workshops and Classes

Perfect for a Workplace Wellness event or just to spice up a get-together, try having a personalized workshop or class. Topics can range from Mindfulness Meditation, Aromatherapy (with several Make-and-Take items), Reflexology, stretching, or something designed just for you.

Sports Massage

Sports massage encompasses a wide variety of massage techniques with the goal of rehabbing from an injury or trying to improve the way your body works. Sessions are focused on the identified "problem" area and any other parts of the body that may be contributing to any issues. Each session begins with range of motion testing, an orthopedic assessment, and a postural assessment. Recommendations for post massage care and stretching are given at the end of each session.

Massage techniques used include Active and Passive Isolated Stretching, Active Release Techniques (ART), Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial Release, Massage Cupping, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), and Muscle Energy Techniques (METs) in addition to traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue is a deceiving name.  This style of massage targets problem areas such as tight muscles, trigger points, "knots", or other muscular dysfunction.  The goal is to treat an issue. Pressure is adjusted to client's preference.

Massage Cupping

Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage Cupping uses suction to lift tissue and increase local circulation. Cupping may cause local skin discoloration, but they do not hurt and fade in about a week.




Add Reflexology to your massage to encourage healing energy.

Massage cupping

Add Massage Cupping to your Deep Tissue Massage to increase the amount of work done in your session. For example, cups can be placed on the shoulders while the legs are worked to help loosen the shoulder, allowing deeper work to be done.


Add essential oils to your massage medium and the diffuser to add additional healing benefits to your massage. Options include lavender, chamomile, orange/grapefruit/lime, mint, or a personalized combination.

Mindfulness Massage

During your massage, your therapist will guide you on a meditative journey through your massage with progressive muscle relaxation, focusing on massage strokes and breathing to encourage muscle tension to be released. Very good for those who have trouble "turning off" and think about 97 things that they need to do later instead of allowing themselves to be cared for.

Sports Massage

Enjoy your usual Deep Tissue session with 20 minutes added on for Sports Massage. Sports massage includes the use of more active and vigorous techniques than what would usually be done during a deep tissue massage. It is great for rehabbing injuries or to improve any dysfunction you notice in your active or competitive lifestyle.

Back sugar SCrub

Buff away dry skin with a sugar scrub. As well as exfoliating and encouraging lymph circulation, essential oils can be added to help with back acne.

Foot Scrub and Ultra-Moisturizing Foot Cream

Walk in with rough feet and walk out on pillows.  Sugar scrub is used to remove dry and dead skin. Ultra-Moisturizing cream is massaged into the feet, followed by placing the feet in warmed socks for the duration of the service to ensure maximum absorption.