It's getting closer!

Alright! A little over 2 weeks, and Living Garden Therapeutic Massage will be open! 

Eric and I went to my new office this week to take some measurements to make sure the spacing I had in my head matches real life (of course, it didn't).  I'm glad I held off on getting a rug until I actually took measurements.  I need to get a few more pieces of furniture and supplies and I'm ready to go!

My booking page is now up: Booking You can schedule appointments, buy gift certificates, and fill out your intake paperwork.  It's going to be nice to have everything in 1 spot and available wherever I am.

As well, I've set up social media accounts, so don't forget to like/follow to get updates and special promotions. (Buttons are on the bottom of the page and on the Contact page as well.

I do have to say, it's been an interesting few months.  Traveling, changing jobs, and finally striking out on my own has been unexpected but welcome.  If I follow the chart below, I am definitely in the Change Something bubble.

Just a few more "I'm so excited! It's all happening!" posts, and then I'll get into the good stuff.


Eric saw this in Colleen's office...

Now I need to get my crafting supplies out to make him one.