Photo Courtesy of Flickr Commons

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Commons

Living Garden is a tranquil oasis in a hectic world.

At Living Garden, your experience is our priority. Whether you are looking for deep orthopedic work or serene relaxation, Living Garden provides just that.

While our office is conveniently located in Downtown Red Bank, it is tucked away on a quiet side street.  The office embodies its name: It is decorated with botanical drawings, flora related decor, and a living wall. Relaxing nature music soothes you as you relax into your massage and let go of your worries.

In addition, Living Garden is located in a suite with several psychotherapists and a yoga instructor/meditation coach.  Our common goal is to improve the health of the holistic being.

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Candice Guinan, LMT


Licensed Massage Therapist


Candice has always enjoyed making people feel better.  Her career in Massage Therapy has enabled her to do just that.

By combining her superior knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, myology, and pathology, she is prepared to help people suffering from various muscular issues.  As well, she has worked with chiropractors and pain management doctors with spinal dysfunction and orthopedic patients both pre- and post- surgery. Her work with the Rutgers Football team and several personal trainers has given her the knowledge of how to treat sports-related issues. 

In addition to therapeutic massage, Candice has soothing hands that have the ability to make you forget your outside worries and focus on the now.  She employs various techniques such as aromatherapy and breathing exercises to make sure that you have a wonder and relaxing experience.

By combining these two sets of skills, as well as over 10 years of customer service and management experience, Candice provides a truly unique massage that leaves you "massage drunk" and in a whole new state of serenity.