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Candice Guinan, LMT
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Candice is now at Tao in Asbury Park!

Candice has decided to close Living Garden and has joined the wonderful team at Tao in Asbury Park. (Use promo code CANDICE through April 30 to get $20 off your first service at Tao).

She is excited to be working with the very talented therapists and esthetitians. Moving to Tao is allowing Candice time to focus on training in new modalities, which means she’ll have more skills to use when you see her! Her Shiatsu training ends in the next few months and then she has plans to learn Ashiatsu (massaging with feet) and Manual Lymph Massage.

Tao offers a wide array of services and amenities (including a table-top infra-red sauna and a float tank!). In addition, they have the tools for Candice to do Vaccu-cupping (similar to the manual cupping she did in her office but BETTER!) and Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. You can also upgrade your service to include an intense muscle rub made by Tao’s sister store, Bond & Bangs Apothecary, and topical CBD, among others.

To visit Candice at Tao, you can book through Tao’s booking website or by calling them at 732-775-1550. Hope to see you soon!


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Candice is now taking appointments at Tao in Asbury Park.

Note: If you have a Living Garden Gift Certificate, call Candice at 732-630-2629. You CANNOT use them at Tao.

Please do not call Candice’s number to book at Tao. Please call Tao at 732-775-1550.

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