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Massage focused on healing.

At Living Garden, we believe everyone deserves to live without pain.  Whether its something temporary to a chronic condition, we focus on pain management and rehabilitation.  Enjoy a customized massage for your unique body and to your unique desires.  Shoulder surgery and want to rehab? We can do that. Pain keeping you awake at night? We can help with that. Kids forget to tell you tomorrow is the science fair and you end up staying up all night cutting and gluing? Well, we can't make the science project, but we can help you to relax and get that crick out of your neck afterwards.


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Candice is an excellent massage therapist and a very knowledgeable and professional person! The new location in Red Bank provides a relaxing and private environment, with it’s convenient location downtown. Candice is my first recommendation for anyone looking to work stress out with a relaxing massage. I always leave with great posture suggestions and knowledge to stretch out at home.
When it comes to prenatal massage, there is absolutely nobody better than Candice. She is well-educated, professional, receptive to any feedback and always willing to tailor the massage to my individual needs. Candice helped alleviate my back pain with two separate pregnancies. She is well-worth the 30 minute drive from home! I like to tell Candice that she is a mind reader. I never have to tell her what’s bothering me. She always manages to find any tight or tense spots and work through it. I highly recommend her spa for anyone looking to relax during or post-pregnancy (or anytime at all!) Simply put, Candice is the best!!!!!
— Paulette S.



I promise to give you my best, every massage. I believe that my clients deserve nothing less than my best.

Your massage is your time. You have control over your massage. If you want your left shoulder worked for an hour, that's up to you. Feel chilly and would like another blanket?Never feel uncomfortable asserting your wishes.

About Me

MY NAME IS Candice.

I have been a massage therapist for over 5 years.  In that time, as I'm not one to sit still, I've accumulated experience working in numerous settings: spas, gyms, doctors' offices, workplaces, and with the Rutgers University sports teams. As well, I teach Anatomy and Physiology at the Institute for Therapeutic Massage.